Ray Waldin

San Francisco, CA.
(415) 672-1316

Employment History



Ecommerce Lead / Ecommerce Architect

Wine.com is the largest online retailer of wine. As Ecommerce Lead, and later as Ecommerce Architect, my role has been to replace aging monolithic dotNET web applications with a modern Javascript front-end stack using NodeJS, Express, Backbone, and EpoxyJS. This stack now serves as the company's primary ecommerce platform serving both desktop and mobile (web and iOS App) customers.


Williams-Sonoma, Inc

Sr. Front-End Developer / Technical Architect

Williams-Sonoma operates high-traffic ecommerce websites for several renown brands including PotteryBarn, PotteryBarnKids, pbteen, west elm, and the flagship Williams-Sonoma. As Sr. Front-End Developer, and later as Front-End Technical Architect, my contributions to these eCommerce websites have included major redesigns of key functional areas including product pages and shopping pages, design and implementation of core UI widgets and Javascript infrastructure components used throughout each website, the design and implementation of a common front-end code sharing and build system for all brands, integration of FiftyOne/BorderFree international shipping/currency across all brands, and many more. Technologies used include Java/SpringMVC, Akamai Edge Caching/ESI, Freemarker template engine, Dojo Javascript framework, SASS, D3.js, R, and Groovy.


Keas, Inc

Sr. Software Engineer

At Keas, my principal responsibilities were to lead a team of four front-end engineers in the development and maintenance of the user interface for a high profile consumer facing web application. My daily duties included programming in Java, JSP, and Javascript, using tools such as Spring MVC, JQuery, Maven, Hudson, Subversion, and Eclipse. Secondary responsibilities included the development of XSLT and Javascript technology used to implement Keas' content sharing relationship with Healthwise, transforming XML content and medical protocols into a format usable on the web.


KForce Technology Staffing

Web developer

On contract with Western Governors University, this project involved the development of a Groovy/Grails/jQuery application used internally for authoring of educational course curricula and subsequent alignment of these to various state, federal, and professional standards organizations. This application was developed by a geographically distributed team, including myself and one other software engineer, one QA engineer, and a project manager using the Scrum development process.


Randstad Inc.

Web developer

On contract with Oracle Corporation, I developed Web 2.0 features for use in Oracle's Fusion Enterprise Application prototypes for the User Experience group, including tagging, contextual popup windows, and feed subscriptions. Also developed Groovy/Grails/GWT application used to design tests for navigation tasks, perform the tests remotely on the web, and collect and report on results.


Palamida, Inc.


Palamida's products and services enable customers to discover and manage the use of third-party code. As founder, I was responsible for the inception, design, and implementation of the core technology used to detect and identify third-party components using exact and fuzzy matching of source code and binary data. Additionally, I was responsible for the design of the infrastructure necessary to collect and process massive amounts of component signature data.


Cacheon Inc.

Software Architect

Cacheon specialized in application integration and migration software. While employed there as Software Architect, I was responsible for the design and development of the object model used to represent Java program logic, based upon the Java Language Specification, an ANTLR tree grammar for transforming source code parse trees into this model an XPath implementation for use as a query engine with Cacheon Semantic Trees, and a declarative language for Cacheon's rule-based source code transformation engine


Lexica Holdings

Technical Lead / Architect

Lexica produced software for the insurance industry, specifically supply chain automation and fulfillment systems. In my role as Architect and Technical Lead of the XML Technology Group, my duties included the design and development of various XML schemas, XSLT templates, XML parsers, and an XML Schema datatype aware object model



Sr. Software Engineer

Symantec produces utility software for personal computers. While employed there as Sr. Software Engineer, I designed and implemented a pilot of the virus definition upgrade infrastructure, an HTML user interface server which served as an embedded management console in various antivirus server products, SMTP proxy for Norton AntiVirus for Internet Email Gateways, supervised testing of Norton AntiVirus for Windows 95 and Norton AntiVirus for Windows NT, designed and implemented test tools for the Polymorphic AntiVirus Module used in all Norton AntiVirus 4.0 products.



  • Javascript, NodeJS
  • Freemarker, Handlebars
  • CSS, SASS, Less
  • Java
  • Groovy


  • Backbone, Express
  • D3.js
  • jQuery, Dojo
  • Spring MVC
  • Grails


  • Sublime Text, Eclipse
  • Git, Subversion
  • Maven, Ant
  • grep, sed, awk
  • Unix, Linux, MacOSX


  • Elm
  • Clojure
  • Scala
  • Haskell
  • R